yoga vinyasa

Vinyasa is a type of yoga in which asanas are combined in fluid sequences. The essence of this practice lies in moving to the rhythm of one's breath. In a Vinyasa class, you should expect a greater dynamic and pace of movement. There is also an emphasis on transitions between positions, which are performed with as much awareness and attention as the asanas themselves. During Vinyasa yoga, fewer static, long held positions are performed.

functional yoga

It is a combination of yoga positions with elements of functional training, especially reaching and pulling movements. Classes are taught by physiotherapists, yoga teachers or functional trainers with an interest in yoga, so that knowledge of the basics of movement is used to explain exactly how the body works in each position. By combining knowledge of the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and muscle physiology, it is possible to discover how the human body works

hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a gentle practice that focuses on static positions. The pace of the practice is rather slow, the transitions from position to position are not as dynamic as in vinyasa. Hatha yoga is a practice that balances body and mind. “Ha” represents the aspect of the sun and symbolises life energy. “Tha” represents the aspect of the moon and symbolises withdrawing the senses and directing attention inwards.              

wake up yoga

The classes are held early in the morning and have an invaluable impact on functioning for the rest of the day. It awakens, warms up, has a great effect on concentration and mood without overloading our body.

feel good yoga

Vinyasa yoga making you feel great. You will direct your attention to releasing asanas. The intention of these classes is to recharge inner energy.

rise and shine yoga

This is a wonderful class combined with breathing exercises to the sounds of a specially selected music track  

hot yoga

Yoga vinyasa in hot version is a class during which the room is heated to temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius and air humidity of about 40-60% thanks to which there is a highly multiplied acceleration of metabolism, faster fat burning and cellulite reduction. Intensive sweating of the body during classes removes toxins from the body and regulates the hydration of the epidermis. Hot yoga is also recommended for people with sore muscles after intense physical training.

hatha flow

This practice strengthens and purifies on all levels of body and mind. It is often performed with gentle ambient music emphasising “flow” - the flow of energy in the body.

aerial yoga

Aerial yoga involves performing different types of asanas using a special hammock. When performing yoga positions, the hammock supports the body's weight and makes them easier to perform. It is also perfect for deepening figures and as an accessory to aid stretching.


roller pilates

The roller is a very good complement and extension to Pilates classes. It increases the level of difficulty of the exercises performed, supports coordination and stabilization. It is an excellent tool for rehabilitation.

mfr + stretching 

MFR + stretching - a form of activity designed to remove muscle tension and make the whole body more flexible. It is accompanied by supportive breathing workouts.

power pilates

Workouts to improve body image and well-being. They will make you more flexible, stretch, strengthen muscles, improve coordination and balance.



Calisthenics is largely the use of exercises based on isometric muscle tension (tensing the muscles without changing their length). Strength gains are greater if more muscles are involved in a given exercise. Modifying a workout involves changing the degree of difficulty or the number of repetitions.


Boxing training develops all parts of the body evenly, improves posture and fitness, and helps to develop psycho-physiological balance. Contrary to popular belief, this type of sport does not just lead to the development of large biceps. The entire torso, legs and shoulder muscles are engaged during the workout.

circuit training

It is a combination of strength and cardio exercises. The exercises are performed in so-called circuits, in other words, in series consisting of several exercises with a specific number of repetitions.  


yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners is about learning the basics to make further practice conscious and safe.

harmony of sounds

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of sound
therapy, combining the harmonious melodies of a hand pan, the ethereal tones of crystal bowls, the resonance of gongs and the divine sounds of a crystal harp. 

candle yoga

Yin yoga practice by candlelight and the sounds of atmospheric music. Participants are given candles and practice in their glow, focusing on their chosen intention.

treningi personalne 

If you are interested in personal training, please contact us. We'll work out which trainer is right for you and arrange a class for you.